On-Site Training: Customer Service

Course Description

Customer Service experts have long agreed that community relations training needs to focus on attitudes and values. The true challenge is to find out those factors — personal and organizational — that get in the way of employee performance and inhibit their effectiveness.

IPI’s Customer Service course increases understanding of the importance of the role of front-line employees in fostering excellent customer service and influencing the perception the public holds of the parking profession. Although specific skills, such as communication techniques and problem-solving strategies, are included in the curriculum, the course is primarily devoted to raising awareness of how daily actions, attitudes and behaviors affect the quality of individual performance, work relationships and interactions with the public.

During the course, participants will:

• Identify the three dimensions of customer service.
• Illustrate how the “Model of Communication” can contribute to a positive customer interaction.
• Recognize the benefits of active listening including how to restate, summarize, divide, and clarify the customer’s words to facilitate problem solving.
• Explain the importance of nonverbal behaviors when interacting with customers. Use acknowledgement and positive interactions to deliver good customer service.

We will work with you on a training program schedule that fits with your facility operations and specific requirements. In general:

• Classes can be tailored to half days; a morning and afternoon session with different participants, or one full day of training for participants.
• IPI provides certificates of completion to each program participant.
• Costs are based on the number of participants and the amount of customization to the program. Prices range from $140 to $175 per participant with a ten (10) participant minimum.

To schedule or for more information, contact professionaldevelopment@parking.org