IPI Professional Development Course: Parking Design, Maintenance, & Rehabilitation — September 26-27, Anaheim, Calif.

In this two-day course, you will learn the history of contributing issues affecting parking facility maintenance; identify and understand the importance of appropriate functional design elements; join in lively discussions about rehabilitation efforts in parking facilities for concrete, post tensioning systems, precast concrete, waterproofing, and typical structural repair and strengthening
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Being All That

Teen Vogue just called a group of parking spaces “masterpieces.” OMG! You might have seen the story floating around social media: A high school in Florida had a lot of fun and raised a little money letting seniors custom-paint their parking spaces. The program was a huge hit, both among
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Inside Higher Parking

You might have heard of Inside Higher Ed, the daily news publication covering colleges and universities. It’s not the kind of place one visits to learn about parking. But last week, that’s exactly the topic it covered. San Diego Mesa College, part of the San Diego Community College District, came
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Life Lessons and the Housekeeper

By Shawn Conrad, CAE I was out walking during a recent trip when I passed a car that carried on its door panel the logo, “It’s in the Details.” As the women inside exited the car, I noticed that they were housekeepers unloading their cleaning supplies and vacuum cleaner. I
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