IPI Professional Development Course: Parking Design, Maintenance, & Rehabilitation — September 26-27, Anaheim, Calif.

In this two-day course, you will learn the history of contributing issues affecting parking facility maintenance; identify and understand the importance of appropriate functional design elements; join in lively discussions about rehabilitation efforts in parking facilities for concrete, post tensioning systems, precast concrete, waterproofing, and typical structural repair and strengthening
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Waze Partners with Parking

By Nathan Donnell Circling the block (or even giving up the hunt) for parking is a familiar and painful experience for drivers across the board. Last year, drivers spent an average of 55 hours searching for parking, wasting more than $600 million in time and fuel. Waze, the popular navigation
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Throw Away Your Pencils

By Kyle Cashion and Ruth Beaman Since the earliest days of the parking industry, no issue has challenged parking owners and operators like revenue management. As with most cash industries, it has always been difficult to make sure that all of the money that’s collected makes it into the register
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U.S. Driverless Car Regulations Released

Analysts said Monday’s release of federal guidelines for automated (driverless) vehicles was a signal that the U.S. government strongly backs the development of such cars. The Department of Transportation’s guidelines focused on four main items: A 15-point safety standard. A requirement that states develop uniform policies. Clarification about current regulations
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