IPI Data Exchange Standard (IPI-DataEx)

Developing a New Data Standard for Parking in North America

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Our members often share the challenges they experience as they expend resources to integrate new programs, systems, and applications related to data “sharing.” IPI and its members want to reduce the effort required to connect to each other and enable these resources to focus on innovating new services and operations. This is why IPI is embarking on this initiative to create the IPI Data Exchange Standard (IPI-DataEx).

By facilitating and spearheading this effort, IPI will define a uniform, functional data standard for North American companies and maintain it as a living standard that adapts as the marketplace evolves. This standard will become the new lexicon for the parking industry, providing a common language and data definitions to enhance the customer experience.

Read additional background on the IPI-DataEx Standard and process.


  • Milestone 1: Facility Location Data Standard. The formal comment period is now closed. See Milestone 2.
  • Milestone 2: Rates and Occupancy Data Standard. The formal comment period for the working papers of the IPI-DataEx Rates and Occupancy Standard has closed.
    • To download the draft working papers for reference, download the MS Word document here.
    • All comments are being reviewed by the IPI-DataEx Working Group and addressed prior to the release of the draft Standard in 2018.
    • Review the presentation and recording from the latest IPI Data Exchange Standard (IPI-DataEx) Information Session held January 10, 2018 at 11 a.m. EST.
  • Milestone 3: Additional deliverables will be based on priorities set by the DataEx governance group, estimated summer 2018.
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