Are You an Only at Work?

By Rachel Yoka, CAPP, LEED AP BD+C, WELL AP We can always learn from other people. I was blessed to find a mentor in my early days as a young marketing coordinator in Philadelphia. I interviewed with her, and even though I didn’t take the job, I made a lifelong Read More »

Overview: How to Become an Accredited Parking Organization

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SRA News: Texas Parking and Transportation Association (TPTA) announces Mark Denson Scholarship

The Texas Parking and Transportation Association Board of Directors is pleased to announce the establishment of the Marc Denson Scholarship Fund. The purpose of this scholarship is to provide financial support those who seek to build a career in the parking and transportation industries. The TPTA Board will select an Read More »

Projects That Will Change Your World

By David M. Feehan The cover of the April issue of The Parking Professional featured a banner that stated, “Four Days to Change Your World.” Lately, I’ve been doing some research into mega-developments–projects that will change the world for many of us. I live only a couple of blocks from Read More »

Usain Bolt Launches Tiny EV

Saying his travels around the world have made it clear cities need help with congestion, retired world-record-holding sprinter Usain Bolt last week launched his own vehicle: a two-seater, electric car with a suggested price of $9999. Delivery of the Bolt Nano is scheduled to begin in 2020. It will feature Read More »

Sheldon Cooper, Parking Priorities, and the Rest of Us

By Kim Fernandez In advance of the series finale (which I have not watched yet so shhhh with the spoilers, please), TBS aired a marathon of The Big Bang Theory last night. I guess word nerds and science nerds must have a bond somewhere because Big Bang is one of Read More »

Future $ense: Does Designing for Future Re-use Make Sense?

Adaptive re-use of parking garages, turning all or parts of them into housing or offices or mixed-use when they’re not needed for as much parking, is a hot topic, and designing new garages with it in mind is top of mind with many developers. But it’s not as simple as Read More »

Unlocking the Power of Pricing to Drive Revenue

By Guy Barnes Time to plan your next vacation. Choose a destination—check. Book your flights and lodging—check, check. You’re happy to do this in advance, securing a spot and locking in your price. Travelers have grown to expect to make these purchases online. We demand a choice of products and Read More »

How Congestion Affects Airport Parking

By Tim Maloney With airports adapting to ride-share disruption with extra fees or complete overhauls of their drop-off and pick-up stations, many have questioned how to get more travelers parking. Their concerns are valid: According to the Worcester Business Journal, Uber and Lyft drivers made 12 million trips to and Read More »

Robot Take the Wheel?

A new book suggests that autonomous cars will not only cart us around, but run our errands for us when we’re not even on board. This weekend, Engadget took a look at that, considering all the things we use our cars for that have nothing to do with going from Read More »