2018 CAPP Certification Board | Nomination Instructions

Election Nomination Instructions

The CAPP Certification Board is pleased to announce its Call for Nominations for individuals interested in serving as members of the CAPP Certification Board. For the 2018 elections, there is one open seat on the CAPP Board for a three-year term beginning June 2018.

Candidates interested in serving on the CAPP Certification Board must hold a current CAPP certification, be a member of the International Parking Institute (IPI) in good standing, and commit to participating in at least two Board meetings per year. Candidates cannot currently serve on the IPI Education Development Committee or the IPI Board of Directors. Members of the CAPP Board are required to fund their attendance to the Board meeting held during the annual IPI Conference & Expo. The CAPP Board largely conducts business during conference calls.

The role of the CAPP Board is to provide oversight and strategic direction for the CAPP Program of IPI. The CAPP Certification Board is responsible for maintaining an up-to-date body of knowledge, establishing a benchmark of excellence for the industry, and providing a means by which parking and transportation professionals may demonstrate their proficiency and competency and be recognized by their peers, employers, regulatory agencies, customers, and the public.


The following criteria must be met for a candidate to be eligible to seek a seat on the Board:

  • Is a current CAPP and member in good standing of the International Parking Institute.
  • Is not a member of the IPI Board of Directors or IPI Education Development Committee.
  • Has at least five years of continuous CAPP certification.

Interested members should submit the following no later than 5 p.m. ET Thursday, February 22, 2018, for consideration:

  • Contact information, including title, organization, address, work telephone, and email address.
  • Biographical information (up to 100 words max.).
  • Election platform (up to 100 words max.) detailing the candidate’s interest in running for the CAPP Board.
  • Headshot photograph (raw/original .jpg or .tif of at least 300 dpi resolution or 1MB.) NOTE: please send as a separate file and do not embed in a Word document.

Please submit all materials to Kathleen Federici, M.Ed., Director of Professional Development, at federici@parking.org.

The CAPP Nominating Committee will review all candidate submissions and recommend a slate of nominees to the CAPP Board. If selected by the committee, you will be notified. Once the CAPP Nominating Committee approves the slate of nominees, these names will be presented to all current CAPPs for election. Ballots will be distributed to all current CAPPs via email.

Thank you for advancing the parking profession!