Disabled? Prove It.

Labor lawPolice in Foxborough, Mass., aren’t fooling around when it comes to parking for the disabled this football season: Use a parking placard while attending a Patriots’ game and you’d better be able to prove it’s legit.

Officers assigned to Gillette Stadium are spot-checking cars parked in spaces reserved for the disabled during all special events at football games. Drivers who can’t prove the parking placards they’re using are really theirs lose the placards on the spot and face hefty fines—a minimum of $505. In-state drivers also risk having their driver licenses suspended for 30 days.

Read about the effort here. And let us know—good plan or is there a better option?

One thought on “Disabled? Prove It.

  1. ABM did this at Camden Yards back in 1999 and within days a significant reduction in abuse was realized. Police officers were placed at the entrance of each lot that provided HP parking. Fans were notified in advance, it was amazing the number of fans that did not take the advance notice seriously.

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