Why is Communication Called an Art?

By Kathleen Federici, M.Ed.

We all have all met those people or have that friend who can choose their words without hesitation and make the tone of a situation improve. I have friends who can turn a phrase on a dime and change the entire meaning of a situation, usually resulting in laughter. I do not possess that ability. I am process-oriented, so my words are selected carefully and lack the verbal art form of quickly and creatively changing the perceived negative tone of a situation with the immediacy of words.

Communication breaks down all too frequently and this is a well-known issue. Led Zeppelin even wrote a song called “Communication Breakdown.” Communication is an art because it involves creativity. The savvy communicator can use various forms of word strands, tone, and diction to make a situation more palatable and change the original negative perception of any given encounter into a more positive one. Communication opens the floodgates for influencing others thoughts, perceptions, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes toward a situation.

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Kathleen Federici, M.Ed., is IPI’s director of professional development

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