Thinking Outside the Last-Mile Box

16-05-23-picEurope, which has pretty efficient mass transportation systems for the most part, is pinning its last-mile-challenge hopes on autonomous vehicles. Deutsche Bahn, a German railway company that transports 7 million train passengers per day, recently announced plans for fleets of self-driving cars that could be ordered on-demand by train travelers who need a lift to or from the station; think Uber without the human behind the wheel. A little ways down the road, Dutch company 2gethere is partnering with SMRT Services, a subsidiary of Singapore’s bus and rail line operator, to deploy autonomous pods to get mass transit passengers to and from the train; those pods will carry up to 24 passengers each.

Read about the trend here and comment below—what does all of this mean for the parking industry?

One thought on “Thinking Outside the Last-Mile Box

  1. where is the destination of this large buses? we need arrangements of personal car parking for this last mile as well before autonomous cars by Uber become popular. I think the concept of Parking District (PD) away from congested city and close to railway stations or other mass transit stations.

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