Airplane Sushi by Michelle W. Jones CMP

Airline meal served in the business class cabin
Airline meal served in the business class cabin

Airplane sushi. Sounds like the name of a hippie jam band … or just a really bad idea. It’s OK to have a bad idea. It’s just less OK to choose the bad idea.  Or is it? You don’t know unless you try, right? That’s the glass-half-full in me. I’m not a livin’-on-the-edge type of gal, but I am generally pretty trusting and optimistic.

Many would argue that it takes lots of bad ideas to get to a good one. Actually, wouldn’t you need a few bad ideas bounced around to know that the good one is really good? Who knows how many bad ideas preceded the first car, computer, or iPhone? They say there is no such thing as a dumb question, but  let’s be honest—there are bad ideas. The AMC Pacer? Sun In? New Coke?

So while airplane sushi sounds like something that should be relegated to the list of bad ideas including bell bottoms, leg warmers, and permed mullets, I recently took a risk on a potentially bad idea and was happily surprised (maybe like the first people to try the iPhone). I had airplane sushi on Air Canada, flying from Vancouver to Montréal. Not bad!

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