Singing a Different Tune by Shawn Conrad, CAE

I learn a tremendous amount when I sit in on sessions at parking conferences. So many great initiatives shed a light on the value parking brings to municipalities, universities, airports, and medical centers. Sessions about on-street parking as a mobility management tool in Barcelona or digitalization of parking enforcement in Amsterdam are just a few I’ve had the pleasure of attending recently. Closer to home, I heard presentations on parking improvements in Boulder, Colo,; Pittsburgh; and Missoula, Mont.

One speaker I recently heard discussed:

  • The Parking Ticket.
  • Parking Lot.
  • Le Parking Des Anges.
  • Strip Mall Parking Lots.
  • Parking Hug.
  • Party in the Parking Lot.
  • And my favorite, Central Parking Blues

If you haven’t guessed, these are just a few of the 59 titles Spotify identifies as “parking” songs. Evidently, this speaker and others are trying to find all the recorded songs about parking. While 59 seems like a lot, I was challenged to see if there were more.

My guess is that a number of IPI blog readers have created lists of parking songs of their own. Does anyone have more than 59 titles on their playlist?

I wasn’t aware that parking songs are that plentiful. It just goes to show you that you can learn things outside of a classroom setting.

2 thoughts on “Singing a Different Tune by Shawn Conrad, CAE

    1. Agree, Big Yellow Taxi is a parking song…I’ve used references to the lyrics to promote the UK Safer Parking Scheme; Park Mark (R). ‘ ….they paved paradise and put up a parking lot…’. What does that say about parking lots (or car parks as we know them in the UK)? That they can’t be good places…of course they can! and there are some very fine examples in the UK and the USA at the very least.

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