Parking Management - Planning, Design & Operations

Following in our Parking Management series, this publication provides comprehensive details on all concepts relating to Planning, Design and Operations throughout the parking industry.

Parking MGMT 01


  • Parking Demand Studies
  • Shopping Center Parking: How Much Is Enough?
  • Projecting Parking Usage
  • Successful Parking System Organizational Models
  • Integrated Campus Parking & Access Management Programs
  • University Parking and Transportation Management: Beyond The Numbers: Policies, Customers and Program Excellence
  • Essential Elements of a Good Functional Design
  • Sustainable (Green) Design for Parking
  • Park and Ride, Kiss and Ride, and Change of Mode Facilities
  • Designing a Security Program For Lots and Garages
  • Parking Area Trees - Urban Ecology, Green Laws, Challenges and Design
  • Design-Build Project Delivery of Parking Structures
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Operations Audit Basics

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