Ask the Experts - What advice would you give to someone to maximize their attendance at the 2010 IPI Conference & Expo?

What advice would you give to someone to maximize their attendance at the 2010 IPI Conference & Expo?


Lance L. Lunsway, CAPP
Director of Parking and Transportation
Georgia Institute of Technology

Participation and networking are the keys to maximizing the value of the IPI Conference & Expo.  Where else can you comparison shop all the latest equipment and technology for the industry, then step into educational presentations on the hot topics, ask questions at a number of round tables and then follow that up with bouncing ideas off your peers so you don't have to reinvent the wheel.  This is a once a year opportunity and as a professional in an ever changing industry, I know that if I miss it, then I will fall behind in providing my customers with the level of service they deserve.


John Nolte, CAPP
Studies Specialist
Carl Walker, Inc.

I have attended all but two IPI Conference & Expos since 1984, and to me, the three primary benefits are: Exhibit Hall - Seeing the new equipment, programs, and services available has been priceless to my career as a parking manager and a consultant; Networking - Attending shop talks, meeting colleagues in similar positions, and getting to consultants and vendors on a personal level is another benefit I prize very highly; and Presentations and Speakers - There seems to be at least one presentation in almost every time block that I am interested in hearing.  The topic may not directly address my situation, but I have been able to take something away from every session I attended.


Art Noriega
Chief Executive Officer
Miami Parking Authority

To anyone attending the IPI Conference & Expo, the best advice I'd give would be to come prepared. Take the time to research the agenda, the list of speakers and the vendors that will be present so that it's easy to map out your schedule and get the absolute most out of your experience. The time you put in ahead of the conference will be well worth it!


Chuck Reedstrom, CAPP
Senior Practice Builder
Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.

One must plan ahead in order maximize the benefit of attending the IPI Conference & Expo.  Review the conference agenda in advance, marking the presentations of primary interest as well as the exhibitors to obtain information relative to your organization's needs and requirements.  Then fill in the remaining time with other presentations making sure to visit all the exhibitors in order to learn as much as possible from the financial and personal time investment in attending the IPI Conference & Expo.