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If your state or regional parking association is not represented here please send your State of the State Digest items to IPI's Membership Director, T.J. Cantwell at

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Please be on the lookout for our next session and if you are interested in presenting or providing a location, please do not hesitate to let Dean Ahmad know at as he will be overseeing the upcoming Roundtables and Networking Sessions, along with Kimberly Phelon who will continue her essential role in coordination of these events.

Save The Date for our 2012 TPTA Annual Conference which will be held March 28 - March 30, 2012 at the Hyatt Regency in dynamic downtown Houston. For more information or to volunteer for the Houston Host Committee, please email Co-Chairs Eve Grubb or Liliana Rambo at or .

Call for Presentation Proposals: The Host Committee, in coordination with the Board of Directors, is now accepting proposals for presentations for the educational portion of the conference.  Proposals are welcomed regarding any topic of interest to our industry. In addition to parking we have had specific interest in current topics related to transportation issues.  Presentations should not be marketing pitches for particular firms, services or products.  Successful proposals typically focus on educating the audience, presenting case studies of successes and lessons learned from challenging projects and in depth experiences. 

How to Submit Your Presentation: Send an e-mail including answers to the following information to both Michael Civitelli at and Eve Grubb at

  • Please provide your name, title and contact information
  • Briefly summarize your professional public speaking experience
  • Please provide a suggested title for your presentation
  • Please identify two to three learning objectives for the presentation
  • Please identify the format (presentation, panel discussion…)
  • Write a brief, one or two paragraph, description/summary or your presentation
  • The submittal deadline is November 4, 2011

We appreciate your interest in participating in the 2012 Texas Parking and Transportation Association Conference.   Through your participation our conference can bring value to all of our attendees. 

Please note we encourage you to send in any news worthy information from your city or business as we all are interested in what is taking place in the Texas parking industry. Communications is a top priority in every company and we know your input and expertise will allow our association publications and website to be a valuable source of information for those who are in the parking profession. Any information you feel are newsworthy, including promotions, updates to facilities, equipment or technology improvements, please email Mary Mabry, as we would love to share your information with other professionals who may be looking for a new or different solution and if you are not a member please visit our website and discover all the benefits we as an association can provide.