Tips on How You Can Proclaim a Special Parking Week in Your State

Scott Kangas took the lead in getting the special week proclaimed in Texas, and has had similar success in North Carolina and Minnesota. Here are his tips to obtaining a special proclamation:

• Look on the home page of your state, county or city website for "request a certificate, proclamation or award," or conduct a site search for "certificate, proclamation, award."
• If you can't find a link or your search yields no results, use an all-purpose contact form on the website to make your request. 
• You will need to submit four or five paragraphs with your request, that describe the importance of parking in daily life and the valuable services parking professionals provide in developing and maintaining parking facilities.  You can adapt the statements used in the proclamations of other states, such as Texas. Although the government office staff may rewrite your statement, it will likely include the key points you made in your application.
• Be sure to plan ahead as approvals may take six to eight weeks from the time you apply. 
• Once you receive your proclamation, post an electronic version on your website and make printed copies (resized, if necessary, to fit standard frames) and put them on display.  These framed proclamations make great gifts for outgoing association leaders or conference speakers. 
• And, to get the maximum mileage out of your proclamation, be sure to publicize your honor with a press release, Facebook entry, Twitter "tweet," or LinkedIn post. 

Special weeks are a great opportunity to generate media attention and give local reporters a reason to cover news related to parking. The media room on the IPI website includes fact sheets and links to recent news releases which you can adapt for local use.

Thanks to Scott for being an ambassador for the parking industry!

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