Parksmart Advisor Training

ParksmartParksmart Advisors (formerly Green Garage Assessors) lead clients through the certification process for sustainable parking structures. The Parksmart program (formerly Green Garage Certification) is now offered under by the USGBC/GBCI alongside the suite of LEED and other sustainability rating systems. IPI is the USGBC Education Partner providing the education required to earn this valuable certificate.

Parksmart Advisor Training is offered both as an in-person class and as an online, instructor-led class. The class covers the theory and practice of building certification and the emergence of Green Garage Certification (now ParkSmart), which is now managed by Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI), the certification arm of the USGBC.

Upcoming Trainings:

In-Person Class

  • Stay tuned for more information.

Online, Instructor-Led Class

View the Guide to Parksmart Certification. For more information on the certification, please visit the Parksmart website.