2001 Awards of Excellence Winners

Category I

Award of Excellence
1500 Pearl Street Parking Garage, Boulder, Colorado
Owner - Central Area General Improvement District, City of Boulder, Colorado

Award of Merit
4th & Washington Street Garage, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Owner - City of Ann Arbor, Michigan

Gortner Avenue Parking Garage, St. Paul, Minnesota
Owner - University of Minnesota

Category II

Award of Excellence
Civic Plaza East Garage, Phoenix, Arizona
Owner - City of Phoenix, Arizona

Award of Merit
Parking Garage 3, Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina
Owner - Raleigh-Durham International Airport

Garrison Seaport, Tampa, Florida
Owner - Tampa Port Authority

Honorable Mention
Civic Center Parking Structure, Fort Collins, Colorado
Owner - City of Fort Collins, Colorado

Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport Parking Structure
Owner - Metropolitan Airports Commission

Category III

Award of Excellence
A New System for Space Management & Revenue Control
Owner - University of California, Los Angeles

Parking Enforcement Information Campaign
Owner - City of Santa Fe, New Mexico

Award of Merit
Relocation of Parking Operation & Management System
Owner - Denver International Airport

Honorable Mention
Parking Violation Collection Initiatives
Owner - Department of Revenue, City of Chicago, Illinois

Category IV

Award of Excellence
Superior Street Garage, Toledo, Ohio
Owner - Downtown Toledo Parking Authority

Pugh Street Municipal Parking Garage, State College, Pennsylvania
Owner - Borough of State College, Pennsylvania