Airport Peer Review Program

IPI is facilitating the Airport Peer Services Program. The program is designed to provide IPI airport members a structured opportunity to share knowledge and experiences; offer ideas and recommendations to one another at limited expense.

5 Opportunities to Participate:

  1. RFP Evaluation Team Member: Increase the credibility of your process by including a peer from another airport on your evaluation team.
  2. RFP Document Review:  Reduce the time to write a RFP to professionally acquire services or products by a peer review of your document and process.
  3. Site Visit:  Obtain the benefit of another airport owner/operator(s) to tour your site to offer fresh ideas to improve your operations, signage, traffic flows, revenue control equipment or other specific issues from their experience.
  4. Bid Document Review:  Learn from others who have just completed the purchase of goods or services to learn from their experience.
  5. Sharing of Other Management Experience:  This could include budgets, personnel issues, launching new products, customer service issues or a broad range of areas we can help one another.

How It Works:

  1. IPI airport members volunteer for this program through this on-line form.
  2. IPI will organize and maintain a list of volunteers and provide it to all IPI airport members upon request.
  3. It is the responsiblity of members to contact volunteers from the list to discuss how to share the experiences and whether a site visit is beneficial and how the host airport will pay for the travel and other expenses of the visiting peer.*

*IPI does not qualify the volunteers and does not provide any guarantee on the services provided by volunteers. The Airport Peer Services program only provides a connection between potential volunteers and those interested in utilizing their services.

To Volunteer: We are seeking volunteers who currently work for and have experience with airport parking operations. The program focuses on peer to peer review, therefore consultants will not be considered for the program. If you would like to be added to the list of volunteers for the Airport Peer Review program please submit the form below. Please note, by submitting the form you are authorizing IPI to share your information with IPI members who request the list in order to participate in the program. IPI will not provide your information to those outside this program.

To Participate: If your airport would like to participate in the Airport Review Program you may request a list of volunteers at or 540-371-7535. 

Questions: All questions or comments should be directed to Rick Decker, CAPP at or 612.467.0460.

Airport Peer Review Volunteer Form

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