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FREDERICKSBURG, Virginia (May 11, 2009) - Do you Twitter? If you do, you understand the benefit of this amazing communication tool that keeps you in the loop with your friends, family and even your favorite organizations. If you're not on Twitter, there's no better time than now.

The International Parking Institute will be tweeting (that's what a message from Twitter is called!) throughout the entire IPI Conference & Expo. We'll keep you in the loop with regards to what's happening all around the show because you can't be everywhere at once! This is also great benefit for all of our members and friends who cannot attend this year's show.

You can have updates sent right to your mobile phone or you can follow us from your page on Twitter. We'll keep you in the know as information becomes known, so if you want to know what Dr. Hill's keynote message was about, we'll tweet that to you. Want to know what the vibe is around the show floor, we'll tweet that, too.

Plus we'll tweet the start of important events, updates from the golf tournament, awards recipients and other happenings.  There's even a special announcement that's happening on Sunday, May 17 that will go out exclusively to those on Twitter, so you don't want to miss it! Sign up right away.

Log on to to create your free account. Once you set it up, you'll be following IPI automatically. Just be sure to set you mobile phone (Under the "What to Do Now" section after you register). If you need more help with Twitter, let us know.

For more information and to register for the IPI Conference and Expo, visit our website

About IPI: Founded in 1962, the International Parking Institute has 1,300 members and is the premier association advancing the careers of parking and transportation professionals from cities, colleges, universities, port authorities, hospitals, airports, theme parks, corporate complexes, transit/transportation operations, state and federal government agencies, sports centers, commercial operators, architects, urban planners, and suppliers of equipment, products and services.

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