Emerging Trends in Parking

The parking industry is constantly advancing, thanks to new technologies, innovative applications and the expertise of parking professionals.  Here are a few trends:

  • 2013 Emerging Trends in Parking: Report on a survey conducted by IPI. The International Parking Institute surveyed parking professionals to determine emerging trends in parking. Read the news release. Read or download the report.

  • Sustainability. Parking facilities are going green with energy-efficient fluorescent lighting that remains brighter longer and provides enhanced security.  Facilities are also reducing power consumption with timers, photocell receptors, and dimmers.  Also, many new facilities are built to the demanding standards of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.  These include implementing recycling systems, such as rainwater recycling, using local and recycled materials in construction, and installing renewable energy technology such as photovoltaic, wind power, bio-fuels and hydrogen fuel cells. Facilities also develop waste management plans and dedicate areas of their facilities for storage of recyclable materials.

  • Use of Mobile Apps. The future is here in the parking world, thanks to an explosion of new parking applications for smart phones and mobile devices that enable you to find, reserve and pay for parking. See related news release.

  • Improved traffic management. Traffic flow is enhanced through wireless sensing devices indicate space availability in parking facilities as well as with mapping devices in cars that show parking locations.

  • Parking access control. License plate recognition (LPR) uses specialized cameras and software to recognize license plates, capture tag images, and transform the characters into a data stream.  Municipalities, universities, airports, medical centers, military bases and other sectors use LPR to confirm authorized vehicle access to parking facilities.

  • E-payment. The parking industry is moving away from cash payment to e-payment. Increasingly, parking operations accommodate credit cards and even cell phones that access e-payment accounts or possess credit card capability with an electronic chip on the subscriber identify module (SIM) card.

  • Recharging stations for electric vehicles.  As the number of electric vehicles is expected to grow, parking areas are installing recharging stations.

  • Integration of parking with planning.  Parking operators are increasingly recognized as able to bring specialized expertise to urban improvement projects and economic redevelopment.  They need to have a seat at the table with architects, engineers, developers, and planning officials.

  • Anti-terrorism awareness training. IPI has helped develop First Observer™, a parking-specific training program that arms parking professionals with the skills they need to identify and address potential terrorism or security threats.  First Observer™ is a national anti-terrorism and security awareness program that supports the National Preparedness Guidelines of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

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