Committees are run by members and play a major role in IPI's programs, operations, and overall direction. IPI appreciates the dedication and commitment of its volunteer leaders who drive so much of the work accomplished by Committees.

IPI issues a call for volunteers every two years. Committee members are IPI members in good standing who provide their expertise, time, and knowledge to advance the parking profession.  Our standing committees for the 2015-2017 season are as follows:

Awards of Excellence Committee

The Awards of Excellence Committee solicits formatted entries for each of the Awards of Excellence categories for the annual competition. It selects winners in each category based upon published criteria. Members of this committee are to be drawn from universities, cities, airports, and hospitals and are very experienced parking operators, in addition to engineers/architects with parking structure design and rehabilitation experience.

Conference Program Committee

This committee is tasked with rating the IPI speaker submissions for the annual IPI Conference and Expo. This committee will rate, select, and place speakers into the annual conference education schedule.

Consultants Committee

This committee develops projects, programs, and products that benefit the membership in the parking and transportation industry. This committee serves to provide technical expertise on standards and processes used in the industry.

Education Development Committee

This committee will actively seek out opportunities to develop, deliver and evaluate effective professional development products, trainings and educational opportunities to support the advancement of the parking profession.

ITS Parking Task Force

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) have gained widespread use, both domestically and internationally, to inform drivers and improve safety and the efficiency of travel.The ITS–Parking Task Force Committee will discuss how ITS and parking can work together to improve a driver’s experience and explore many opportunities to collaborate between these two systems.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee provides direction and assistance for recruiting new members to the organization and developing retention programs. Additionally, it identifies prospects and ensures that there is an initiative to welcome them, and their ancillary organizations, into our membership.

Parking Matters® Committee

IPI’s Parking Matters® Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors and provides leadership and guidance on Parking Matters, IPI’s industry-wide program for advancing the parking profession. Parking Matters Committee core participants are selected to be representative of the interests and expertise of IPI membership at large.

Parking Research Committee

The Parking Research Committee identifies issues of importance to the parking and transportation industry to advance the profession and individual organizations as well as assists with membership growth.

Parking Technology Committee

This committee is delegated the responsibility to provide technical information to members and member organizations regarding development of new, cutting-edge technology and how it may be employed in various aspects of the parking industry.

Professional Recognition Committee

The Professional Recognition Committee reviews submissions and selects winners of the annual awards for James M. Hunnicutt, CAPP Parking Professional of the Year; Organization, Supervisor, and Staff Member of the Year; as well as Lifetime Achievement and Emerging Leader.

Safety & Security Committee

The IPI Safety & Security Committee is delegated with the responsibility to provide specialized safety, security, and crisis management information and guidance to IPI members and the parking and transportation industry.

Smart Parking Alliance (SPA)

The Smart Parking Alliance (SPA) Committee provides a forum for IPI supplier members to share thoughts, ideas, and expertise, with the overall goal of providing support for IPI’s mission to advance the parking profession. SPA is comprised of representatives from companies providing equipment, products, and services to the parking industry.

State & Regional Associations Committee

The State & Regional Associations Committee provides a format to share information and best practices among IPI’s allied state and regional associations and their leadership. Committee members will be appointed from the leadership of the State and Regional Associations, but individuals may indicate their interest if they serve in a leadership position for an affiliated organization.

Sustainability Committee

This committee works to initiate and investigate projects or programs that educate, inform and benefit the parking and transportation industry regarding sustainable practices. The committee will work collaboratively and represent IPI with other organizations to promote and advance environmental initiatives.