IPI Parking Technology Committee

This committee is delegated the responsibility to provide technical information to members and member organizations regarding development of new technology and how it may be employed in various aspects of the parking industry. The Parking Technology Committee also contributes to the technical library of IPI.

Mike Drow, CAPP - Co-Chair
Senior Vice President, Technology Integration
SP Plus/Standard Parking Corporation

Peter Lange - Co-Chair
Executive Director - Transportation
Texas A&M University, College Station

Dennis Carter
Regional Sales Director
Good Earth Energy Conservation

Chris Chettle, CAPP
Senior Vice President, Sales
Digital Payment Technologies Corp.

Amie Devero

Richard Easley, CAPP
E-Squared Engineering

Stephen Hernandez, CAPP
Vice President of Sales
QuickPay Corp.

Randy Jones
Vice President
Republic Parking System

Clarence Kemper, Jr.
General/Sales Mgr., St. Louis Trading Area

Harold "Hal" King
Associate Director
Albany Parking Authority

Dion Knill
Global Sales & Marketing Manager
Global Parking Solutions USA

Blake Laufer, CAPP
Vice President, Research
T2 Systems, Inc.

Louis Letiecq
The University of Calgary

Jon Martens
Parking Consultant
Walker Parking Consultants

Brent Paxton
Executive Vice President, Sales & Operations
Parkmobile USA, Inc.

Fabien Pesenti
Country Manager
SIX Payment Services

Jennifer Rentz
National Director of Business Operations
Complus Data Innovations, Inc.

Paul Rorer
Product Manager
Simkar Corporation

Kevin Uhlenhaker
CEO & Co-Founder

Brett Wood, PE, CAPP
Parking Consultant
Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.

Thomas Wunk, CAPP
Vice President - PARCS Solutions
T2 Systems, Inc.

IPI Liaison

Rachel Yoka
Director of Program Development
International Parking Institute