Rick Decker, CAPP — Treasurer

Assistant Manager, Parking Operations, Minneapolis/St. Paul Int'l Airport

Rick Decker, CAPP

Since 2003, Mr. Decker has been the Parking Operations Manager for the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, the 12th busiest airport in America.  Decker's work has led to three IPI Awards of Excellence for MSP.  His prior work, as the Manager of Downtown Parking and Redevelopment for the mid-sized City of Bellingham, Washington gave him experience working with city government, merchants and customers in a downtown depleted by a mall's construction outside of town.  Decker earned a BA in Political Science from the University of Colorado and an MBA in International Management from the Garvin School of International Management (Thunderbird).  He has remained a CAPP since 1997.  Mr. Decker serves the parking industry as a speaker, program innovator and author.  He continues as a member of the IPI Advisory Council (since 1997), an IPI trainer, the editorial board of Parking Today, the Temecula Group, and other IPI committees.  He chaired the IPI's Awards of Excellence Committee for seven years and is now Chair of the newly-formed IPI Airport Council International Committee.  Decker has also worked professionally in commercial lending, government auditing, small airport management (Juneau), facility maintenance management and vehicle fleet management.

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