Cindy Campbell — Past Chair

Associate Director, University Police, California Polytechnic State University

Cindy Campbell

Ms. Campbell is the Associate Director of the University Police Department in San Luis Obispo, California.  With a combined 30 years of experience in law enforcement and parking services, Ms. Campbell has established herself as a leader within the parking and transportation industry.  She applies her knowledge and experience in parking and circulation planning, parking program management, enforcement, adjudication, crisis communications and conflict resolution to develop and implement programs to enhance customer satisfaction and increase program revenues.

In addition to parking program responsibilities, Ms. Campbell has oversight of the University Visitor Center, the 9-1-1 Emergency Communications Center, Transportation Demand Management & Transit Programs, Events Planning & Management Services, Crime Prevention and Community Outreach Programs, and Business Services for the University Police Department. Ms. Campbell currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors for IPI.

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