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pmvideoWe hope you’ll share this new IPI video that helps explain Why Parking Matters® to—well, everything (!): reducing congestion; creating sustainable, livable walkable communities; creating a frictionless driving experience; improving economic development; encouraging smart design; and so much more.

All of that is featured in our two-minute video that we hope all parking professionals will share—check it out at Consider these opportunities to educate:

  • Share the video with friends and family to better explain the importance of what you do. Post it to your organizational and personal Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter accounts or email the link directly.
  • Share with supervisors or decision-makers within your organization to help advance the parking profession and build appreciation for those working in the industry.
  • Share with those outside the parking profession to spread the word about all the ways they could benefit from parking expertise.

Together we can be Parking Matters ambassadors! We have such a credible, good story to tell and we’re the best advocates for our wonderful profession.

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